The best e-marketing sites Sendinblue

Hello every one.. if you are interested in Email Marketing you should of course know
about sendinblue why?…. here I will tell you.

First: what is sendinblue?


Is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing.
[1] The company was
founded in 2012 by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, and offers a cloudbased marketing communication software suite with email
marketing, transactional email, marketing automation, customer-relationship
management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, SMS marketing,
and more.

The company has four offices globally, which are located
in Paris (France), Delhi (India), Seattle (United States), and Berlin (Germany).
The headquarters are located in the Paris office, which is also home to
the customer service, marketing, product, and technical teams.

As of April 2020, the company reported a community of over 80,000 users in
more than 160 countries, and sends over 100 million emails each day
And SendinBlue is the best email marketing solution for SMB (small and
medium-sized) businesses that want to send and automate email marketing
campaigns, even if they have a limited budget.

Put simply, SendinBlue is like a cheaper alternative to MailChimp, including a
free version and free trial, but with even more functionality.
And it was founded in 2012, and is headquartered in Paris, France.
The software was first launched in 2012 in French, and allowed for the creation
of newsletters and transactional emails.

In 2013, Sendinblue became available in English and Spanish. SMS became
available in 2013. Services in Portuguese and Italian were launched in 2014.
2015 saw the opening of the US office in Seattle, which allowed for more
expansive customer service support for North American users. German services
were also launched in 2015. In June 2016, Sendinblue launched its marketing
automation platform.

Sendinblue was chosen as one of 20 startups to watch in 2016
by Forbes magazine

Since the 31st of January 2019 Sendinblue, teamed up with Newsletter2Go, the
Berlin-based competitor in the email-marketing market. Sendinblue has acquired
100% of Newsletter2Go. Newsletter2Go will remain an independently run
company for the time being, but the two companies have started integrating
aspects of the two products and work closely together to merge operations

Also Sendinblue offers all that you’d expect here – you can create an email blast
and send it to your list of contacts. There’s an easy-to-use visual interface / email
builder that makes creating your messages a lot more straightforward.

It works with drag and drop and has some ready-made blocks for all the most
common types of content that people send via email. The result is also fully
mobile compatible.
Plus, if you’re feeling confident, you can import your email template in raw HTML
form. I won’t be doing that in this Sendinblue review, though.

There is an very important thing to now about SendinBlue that is All of
SendinBlue’s plans include unlimited contacts, with tiered pricing based on the
number of emails you want to send each month. Its free plan includes unlimited
contacts and 300 emails per day. Its aforementioned Lite plan costs $25 per
month for 40,000 emails, its Essential plan costs $39 per month for 60,000
emails, and its Premium plan costs $66 per month for 120,000 emails. There is
also an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for companies that need to exceed
the 120,000 email threshold (and, ideally, for companies needing 350,000 emails
per month or more).

Okay now we now about Sendinblue and what is it but what is it’s features?
Let’s get it now!

SendinBlue’s features

Drag and Drop Email Editor: SendinBlue comes with an intuitive drag-anddrop email editor. Here you can choose from a variety of pre-set elements to
customize your email design.

 A/B testing: Optimize your emails by testing multiple subjectlines and picking
the winner.

SMS: You can also use SendinBlue to send SMS and autoresponder

Landing pages: (in Premium and Enterprise plans): You can use SendinBlue to
create landing pages from scratch or use one of their professional-looking
templates to help speed up the process.

Bounce Management: You get access to a log of soft and hard email bounces.
Hard bounces are removed automatically.

Reports and Analytics: All of the must-have email marketing metrics as well as
email click-map, google analytics integration and geo-tracking

Opt-In Forms: SendinBlue’s subscription forms are dynamic. You can
customize them to fit your brand. The more sophisticated features include
captcha verification and automatic data population (so people don’t have to fill
in there name etc twice)

List Management: You can easily manage your mailing lists. Import, export,
and edit contacts

Email segmentation: Segment your audiences based on your subscriber’s
demographics, actions taken, and lead scores.

Email Marketing Automation: SendinBlue offers plenty of email automation
functionality. For example, the workflow editor lets you to target leads based
on their on-site actions, web behavior, email engagement, etc.

Transactional Emails: Through SMTP, you can directly send transactional
emails. For instance receipts and order confirmations, password resets. Etc!

Email Templates: SendinBlue offers 65 pre-made email templates to quickly
get started.

Chat: Include a chat function and place it on your website for immediate 1:1
communication with site visitors.

CRM: SendinBlue has a sales and marketing CRM included. In the CRM you
can centralize all of your contact information and set follow up actions.

Fantastic customer support: In addition to live web chat, you can also contact
their support team via email and phone. The SendinBlue site also has
knowledge base with helpful tutorials and FAQs. Our interviewed users, say
they like the speed and knowledge level of the support team.
And there is an important and amazing feature it’s The email templates
In Sendinblue you can use free email templates!

The email templates are organized in categories, for instance:

2- Ecommerce
3- Events
4- Holiday greetings
5- Lead Generation
6- Newsletters
7- Sale emails
8- If you’re not a web designer, using the email templates is a great starting
point. They look professional and are optimized for both desktop and
mobile users.

Now let’s see the pros and cons


Attractive newsletters to complement your campaigns
1- Leverage marketing automation
2-Optimize your email’s send time
3- Build a dynamic list
4-Advanced contact tools
5- Tools of the trade
6- Smart scheduling
7- Actionable analytics
8- Has an free email templates


It won’t let us send emails to people who have subscribed, about life saving
1- It is incredibly difficult to set up.
2- It took two hours for the “verify your email” email to come through,
therefore not letting me access it for two hours.
3-There is no phone number to call them on.
4- Limited integrations
5- Free plan sending limit
6- Don’t have multiple logins and different user access levels